The Congregation received a great compliment

when it was noted by a visitor that:

"they felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit” among us!


As Pastor, I believe that God deeply loves us and is so desirous of having us know how to live and share His love.  At Silex, we are trying to learn how to be folks like that, and would love to have your presence, insights and experiences to help in that process. We believe that God's Word, the Holy Bible is our faithful guide.  Jesus Christ is our example, and the Holy Spirit our teacher! 


You need to know that we believe God is loving and forgiving.

There is nothing that you have done that can eliminate you from God's desire to adopt you as his Child.  The fact of the matter is, we are all in the same boat.  All of us have a new lease on life, because we have acknowledged our weakness and inability.  We desire to love and serve God as a friend.


I am Pastor Lew Kimmel, former Vietnam Marine, a Navy/Marine Corps Chaplain, a Chaplain at Children's Hospital.  I play a respectable Martin Guitar during services. I know up front and personal about death, loss, grief, sin, disappointment, addictions, repentance, joy and the privilege of knowing and serving our Risen Savior. 


Let's join together in our efforts to know and do God's will!

Give me a call,

"Let's Talk!" "Let's Pray!" "Let's Serve!" 


The Answer is Christ!

Pastor Lew Kimmel


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